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Fay & her team OUSTANDING! The movers team were equally outstanding! Thank you for your professional handling, attentiveness and politeness. You gained and maintained our confidence.

Great crew. Very courteous and professional!

3 guys handled themselves very professionally & we loved 1 of them singing as he worked! Would recommend highly!

All crews that visited our home (packing, loading, unloading) were extremely courteous and professional. They all treated our home and household goods as if it were their own. The entire […]

We enjoyed meeting every one of the people listed below. They are why we hire Vincent Fister every time we move.

Movers were very courteous and took great care of my belongings during the move. I was impressed with their speed and ability to get the job done quickly.

Ray and Antonio did an awesome job! Thanks for taking such good care of my belongings!

Tony and Keith were so helpful and calming the 1st day as I was incredibly stressed. I’m not sure where we will end up but I pray that these two […]

The unloading and unpacking team provided great service and attention to detail when moving items in our home. Very professional crew.

The men were very pleasant, very cooperative and very helpful. It was a very pleasant experience.

Charles was excellent and he particularly packed the bikes well and with care. Miguel is very personable and both men did a good job. The packing took longer than I […]

Tony was incredible! Very professional and had such a great attitude and approach to the move. The team worked very hard. We were extremely happy with their work. Tony and […]

Loved these guys. Will use them next. They work as a good team.

Tony and all of the workers did a really great job. Great attitude and continuous work. We used United from NJ and would use you again! P.S. Kim S. was […]

These two men, Charles and Miguel, are jewels. They were courteous, thoughtful, personable, hardworking, competent, knowledgable and extremely thorough in packing, actually outstanding in ALL areas. They turned my previous […]

Excellent! Best I’ve ever seen.

Antonio honestly was a breath of fresh air. He found under my bed a bag of silver dollars and other things I had misplaced. Great guy! All were very honest […]

The team that delivered our material was excellent. I need to ship more material from St. Johns and if this team were available, it would be great.

Very professional and fast.

I truly appreciate the care and patience of both John’s. They were excellent to work with. We were moving items from my mother’s house (who has passed away) to mine. […]

Everyone I dealt with was great. I will definitely recommend you to others.

Would highly recommend United, Vincent Fister to friends and family. Thank you!

We couldn’t have asked for a better crew! Everything that was moved were antiques from my daddy’s passing. They handled each piece as if it were glass. Thank you for […]

I’m very happy with the job. Well done!

Tony and his crew were excellent! Keep up the good work!

The movers were polite and courteous. I would recommend your company to my friends and family.

They were quick, courteous and competent. We were very pleased with each and have already recommended them and your company to others. Thank you!

Just wanted to say thanks to all. Great company from the 1st call to get set up. The four young men were excellent — courteous, professional. The teamwork of the […]

Outstanding Job!  Richard and Michael were excellent!  They were on time and efficient workers.  They made my move less stressful!

Just writing to let you know how much I appreciated your assistance with my move. All of my questions were answered promptly and efficiently, yet you managed to be thorough, […]

Salesperson was very thorough and helpful. Crew did an outstanding job! Have recommended your company to several friends.

9 Moves with United and our crew was the best! Great work by Vincent Fister!

We were extremely impressed, not only with the work of the crew, but also with their positive attitudes, competence, and professionalism. They worked extremely hard! We would not hestitate to […]

Very hard working group of men. They were courteous and very cautious with our belongings. Very satisfied. The wife and I think this crew was GREAT! We will use Vincent […]

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Fixer Upper

fixer upper

Thinking about buying a fixer upper? The prospect of turning a home, once abandoned and deemed hopeless, into your dream home sounds ideal. You like a little bit of a challenge and know that all of the hard work you will have to put into it will be worth it in the end. But are you really sure if it is a worthwhile investment? Buying and remodeling a fixer upper can be a great decision, but it is important that you are aware of both the rewards and the risks with the process.

The first action to take is to determine how “fixable” the house truly is. You may see a house on the outside and see that it has chipped paint, a broken fence, and a few shingles missing. Sure, it isn’t the nicest looking house, but it isn’t a disaster. Be sure not to mistake a house that is a total disaster for one that you think just needs a little TLC. The biggest fault that most people make in this process is buying a house assuming that it is a fixer upper when it would have just been cheaper to build an entirely new house. There are many problems in these fixer upper homes that, yes, you are able to fix, but at what cost? The goal is to save money, so it is crucial that you evaluate the flaws and make an economical decision.

Always, always, always do your homework. Buying a fixer upper should not be a spur of the moment decision because there are many factors that go into this process. For instance, do you really know how hard this hard work is going to be? If you are a very hands-on person who feels comfortable changing vinyl siding and installing plumbing then by all means, this is the job for you. But if not, you will have to hire and closely supervise a set of contractors, which could get expensive. Similarly, always do the math beforehand and try to create a ballpark estimate of what this is going to cost you. What appears to be a fun project may turn into a financial burden.

Of course it isn’t reasonable to believe that you will have all of the funds available which are necessary to finance these renovations. Therefore, you need to determine which outlets are best suited for your purchase. For smaller purchases and minor projects, a credit card is a viable option. However, you may have to take out what is called a renovation loan, which can also be tied to your first mortgage. There is a limit to how much you can borrow so be sure to determine if it is worth it or not.

In the end, it is inevitable that you may make some mistakes during the renovation process, and that is normal as long as you don’t regret your decision. Buying a fixer upper can be a great investment and a fun process along the way, it is just important to know what you are signing yourself up for. When it comes time to move into your new, fixed up home, be sure to call us so we can assist with your move. At Vincent Fister Moving and Storage we can help make your moving transition seamless. Come see us today at our office in Lexington, Kentucky or where our service extends to the surrounding area.

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